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How Do Turnstile Gate Work?

Jun. 04, 2021

Security revolving doors are very important basic equipment to ensure safe passage in our daily work and life. But most people do not know and understand how a Turnstile Gate works. What is its working mode? Revolving door suppliers share with you

The main components of the access gate

1. Shell (support body, carrying the various parts of the turnstile gate)

2. The Mahnisam is the most important part of the security turnstile. By controlling the operation and stopping of the enclosure, it further controls the opening and closing of the blocking body to control the flow of people and pass in an orderly manner. According to the different number of machine centers and blocking bodies contained in the same gate, it can be divided into single machine center and double machine center.

3. blocking body (the main function of the blocking body is to block, usually we say the triangle turnstile, swing turnstile, flap blocking door, full height turnstile, etc. just use different blocking methods.)

The basic working principle of the security check turnstile

The main control board receives the signal from the access controller or infrared shooting tube, and after logical judgment and processing of these signals, the direction indicator, motor and alarm to make execution instructions. So infrared pair of tubes is very important, many problems are caused by infrared.

Turnstile Gate

Turnstile Gate

The working principle of infrared pair tube

It is divided into a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter end is a light emitting diode, which emits infrared light, and the receiver end is a photodiode. When used, the emitter emits infrared light and reverse biases the receiver of infrared light so that the receiver gets high sensitivity and the infrared light works properly.

The working principle of the motor

Converts the received electrical signal into torque and speed to drive the object being controlled.

Common problem check

1. The rotary gate has alarmed: check whether the infrared ray is not aligned or damaged.

2. one side of the rotating gate wing can come out, the other side can not come out, you can change the main motor red and black line position, if not, may be the motherboard does not communicate, can only replace the motherboard.

3. swipe the card, the revolving gate can only work on one side, check whether the main and vice gate line is normal.

4. flap obstacle motherboard shows no change in encoder value, it is likely that the gate's zero position is not well adjusted. The method of adjusting the zero position: there is a white line on the encoder, there is a yellow line below, you can loosen the yellow line and white line to adjust the position to ensure the alignment of the yellow line and white line.

5. limit switch of the turnstile shows motor movement timeout, which is the limit switch is not working properly. Maybe the limit switch is bad, the biggest possibility is that the position of the limit switch is too far, you can adjust the position of the limit switch to solve.

The above is the basic working principle of the safety revolving door. Want to know the working principle of the revolving door, we also need to know what is the working principle of the revolving door access control system?

At present, many public places, such as office buildings, stations, tourist attractions, manufacturing plants, etc., are beginning to use security turnstile Access Control System software for personnel management. The important reason is that turnstiles have uniqueness and durability. Especially at subway entrances, metal detection gates at subway stations can be connected with access control system software for security turnstiles. In addition, the face recognition device can replace the previous human resources inspection method for verification, which not only saves money allocation, but also verifies more accurate results. Effectively prevent all kinds of accidents from happening. So, how does the turnstile work, this is the necessary knowledge we need to understand.

Intelligent security check turnstile is mainly used for entrance and exit management, including triangle turnstile, swing turnstile, flap guard, full height turnstile, etc. Its working mode is mainly reflected in four aspects.

1. Controlled mode. Only when the door opening signal is received in this direction, it can let people pass normally from this direction.

2. free mode: people can be unrestricted, from this direction through the infrared induction, the gate automatically opens after the normal passage, the gate closed again.

3. Prohibition mode. Personnel are not allowed to pass in this direction.

4. Fire mode: the gate has been opened, personnel can pass through from any direction without restriction, no alarm.

Then according to the above working mode of the Turnstile Door, we probably know the working principle of the revolving gate, and we probably understand that the revolving gate can be customized according to the different requirements of customers. If you want to know more about revolving door knowledge, please feel free to contact us

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