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Classification and Application of Access Control System

Oct. 21, 2020

What is an access control system?

The Access Control System, as its name implies, is a system that controls the entrance and exit passages. It is developed on the basis of traditional door locks. Common access control systems include: password recognition access control systems, credit card recognition access control systems, biometric access control systems, etc.

Access control system classification

Password identification access control system

Identify the access authority by verifying whether the entered password is correct. This type of product is divided into two categories, one is the ordinary type, and the other is the out-of-order keyboard type (the numbers on the keyboard are not fixed and change automatically from time to time). The advantage of password recognition is easy operation, no need to carry a card, and low cost. The disadvantage is that the security is poor and easy to leak, it can only be controlled in one direction, there is no record of opening the door, and the keys are easily damaged and malfunction.

Swipe to identify the access control system

According to the type of card, it can be divided into contact card access control system (magnetic stripe card, barcode card) and non-contact card (also called proximity card, radio frequency card) access control system. The cards used for contact products are easy to wear due to contact, information is easy to copy, and it is easy to be invalidated by external magnetic field interference. There are few usage scenarios, and they are generally only used in occasions related to bank cards (magnetic stripe cards). Non-contact cards have the advantages of convenient use, strong durability, fast reading speed, and high security.

Biometric Access Control System

Identify entry and exit by checking the biometrics of personnel. There are fingerprint type, palm type, iris type, facial recognition type, finger vein type and so on. Its advantages are no loss, no theft, no burden of remembering passwords, safety and convenience. However, the stability and accuracy of biometric identification are still being further improved, and the price of products is higher than the previous two categories, and the applicable scenarios also have certain limitations.

New access control system

In recent years, new forms of access control systems such as QR codes, Bluetooth, and WIFI have emerged. Residents can use the mobile app to open the door near the access control machine after verifying their identity through the mobile phone APP. At the same time, the residents can also generate a QR code image that authorizes the visitor to open the door and share it with the visitor. The visitor's QR code has a time limit and the number of times to open the door. .

Access Control System

Access Control System

What are the applications of the access control system?

Application of Access Control System in Office Building

The installation of access control in the company can effectively prevent outside salesmen and other idle personnel, ensure the safety of the company and its employees, and improve the corporate image. The work efficiency of the personnel department can be improved through the supporting attendance management software, and the company's personnel level or part of the authority can be opened flexibly.

Application of Access Control System in Community Management

The installation of an access control system in the community can effectively prevent idle people from entering the community and conduct closed management of the community. Effectively improve the security of the community and reduce potential safety hazards. The safe and scientific access control system can improve the grade of the property, which is conducive to the promotion of real estate. The access control system can also be used in conjunction with the building intercom system, visual intercom system, and integrated with the parking lot management in the community.

Application of Access Control System in Government Office

It can effectively regulate the office order, prevent illegal personnel from attacking government offices, and protect the personal safety of leaders. Sometimes there are more people visiting the office, and the access control system can prevent criminals from stealing information and property. The access control system can also control the entry and exit of management personnel in different situations through the function of timed tasks, such as the office lobby of the Civil Affairs Bureau, the office lobby of the Public Security Bureau, etc., during rest and working hours.

Application of access control system in education and medical treatment

The installation of an access control system in schools can prevent criminals from entering the campus to ensure the safety of students; record students' leave and absence from work. The installation of access control systems in hospitals can prevent outsiders from entering infectious areas and precision instrument rooms, and prevent emotionally charged people from bringing bacteria into sterile places such as operating rooms.

Application of Access Control System in Communication Base Station

Communication base stations and power supply bureau substations are widely distributed, with large system capacity, and some places are unattended, requiring the central control room to mobilize staff on demand.

Application of access control system in elevator control

Connect the access control system with the elevator control, only authorized users can use: call the elevator, according to the floor; many intelligent communities have increasingly used related equipment, specially designed control circuits for elevator control, forming a proprietary elevator Access Control Control System.

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